Kate Gibb

This week and next we have a screenprinting and a letterpress workshop. Before that we have been given two designers to research, the first being Kate Gibb.

“If the colour is right, the rest will follow. I notice and collect things because of their colour. It forms a big part of my memory. The kind of silkscreen printing I’m inspired by relies on chance, hiccups and accidents to provide the individual qualities that make up each piece.”- Kate Gibb speaking on her blog kategibb.blogspot.com 

Kate Gibb has worked as a printmaker & illustrator for over fifteen years.  A silkscreen obsessive, her early studies in textiles fuelled her love for colour & pattern which still provides the basis for the majority of her work. The kind of printing she is inspired by is drawn from her continual exploration of the silkscreen process & the random hiccups and happy accidents that happen within this.

Some of her past Clients include  180 Amsterdam, Apple, M&C Saatchi, Pentagram, SonyBMG, Virgin Records, EMI Music Publishing, Creative Review, Nike, Dries Van Noten, Levis, Penguin Books, Bloomsbury Publishing, The Guardian & Observer.


“I view my approach predominantly as intuitive and informal…to try something and simply see what happens. From this decision an image is released.. then I try something else, layered on top, juxtaposed by colour and texture. If the result is interesting to me, I keep going. If not, I may switch to a fresh piece and come back to it later. Trial and error really, I guess.” – Kate Gibb speaking to hanguppictures.com



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