Portfolios & self promotion with Fig Taylor 

Today we had Fig Taylor in our lesson for three hours giving us an extremely helpful presentation on our portfolios and self promoting. I took down lots of notes and here is what I learnt.

  • Portfolio should look smart and be well presented
  • It does not have to be expensive
  • Finding your individual voice, not leaving anything to chance
  • Be unique, one-offs, not confusing
  • What you need to say to the people who are possibly going to give you an internship or job
  •  Understand your market, your place in it and where you wanna go
  • Need to have versatility in terms of your thinking
  • Have lots of work to show the designer you want to be-want to design book covers? Have lots of examples of book covers!
  • Even within your discipline you need to spell things out-book covers-show lots of genres
  • Push ideas as far as they can possibly go
  • Have you keep up, show them exactly what kind of work you want to do
  • Portfolio should just be your best work
  • Good portfolio shows employers this is who I am and this is how you can use me
  • No magic number when it comes to how many pieces of work should be in your portfolio-it depends on purpose of portfolio
  • Do what makes sense to you
  • University portfolios want to see your mistakes, employers do not!
  • Take out of portfolio work that us weak, stylistically misleading, un-deliverable, irrelevant
  • Put published work at front of portfolio
  • Keep captions short
  • Print portfolios-A4 or A5 (never A1)
  • Important to protect your work-laminate etc
  • Digital presentations-dont-dont borrow a laptop without taking it for a test drive, present on a busted laptop, assume you can use their computer, have a timed slideshow, abandon any notice of a running order
  • Keep it easy and simple
  • Ask yourself-are you making the most of your website? are you making the most of social media? is your blog professional and outward facing? where else can your work be seen/found? are you networking?
  • About me sections-I am…based in…I specialise in this…I work in this media…I am looking to work in this…
  • Blog shows who you are to work with
  • Link to every where your work can be found-keep them clicking!
  • Stay networking-Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr, blog etc
  • You can never have too much online presence-as long as its all good
  • Use everything at your disposal
  • Cv’s-be a symphony of design-concept attached to it?
  • Cv can look like anything you want!-make it creative, featuring design

A lot to take in but all extremely helpful. Great lesson!


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