Alan Fletcher

“the most highly regarded graphic designer of his generation, and probably one of the most prolific”-The Daily Telegraph


Alan Gerard Fletcher (27 September 1931 – 21 September 2006) was a British graphic designer. He is among the most influential figures in British graphic design as a founder of Fletcher/Forbes/Gill in the 1960s and Pentagram in the 1970s.


The Art of Looking Sideways is a book by Alan Fletcher that was published in 2001. It has over a thousand pages and was designed to be opened at random. The jacket of the book itself is interesting as it tells you what type of things the book is all about and has to be turned sideways to be read. The book has lots of different spreads about different subjects and Alan describes it as a cross between a collage and a box of goodies.



The book is full of visual challenges and little entertainments but they’re not entertainments for the sake of it they are to make a point. Alan constructed the book to try and give that feeling of pace like in a movie with some parts being busy and full of texts and pictures and other bits being much calmer.



It has 72 chapters which all start the same with a black page and some sort of picture on the opposite page. Every single spread is a different design so there are 1060 different designs in one book. Alan described it as a book for bright people who want to think outside the box.




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