The book, the contents, the edit-9/2/2017

Today’s lesson was spent with Michelle Salamon where we focused on the craft of a book. The point of the lesson in relation to the collection brief was to start thinkingwhat can I do with the pages within my book that can create curiosity and engage the audience?

We started by walking around the class to read everyone’s responses to our weekly practitioner which this week was Alan Fletcher. We was asked to watch this interview below where Alan talks about his ways of working in relation to his book The Art of Looking Sideways.

Alan Fletcher-The Art of Looking Sideways

Alan says he constructed the book to try to give it that feeling of pace like in a movie with some parts being fast, some being much calmer, some pages you have to turn sideways and so on. He clearly took the audiences interaction with the book into consideration when designing his book which is an element I was not thinking about much when considering the design my portfolio/book for the collection brief but I most definitely will now as it really makes reading a book a more enjoyable and interactive experience.

The next thing Ricardo wanted us to do for this lesson was to bring in a book that we feel has a good narrative. I brought in Why Fonts Matter by Sarah Hyndman. I chose this book because there really is not anything I dislike about its design and narrative. I love the look of pages designed within just a two column grid and most of the pages in Why Fonts Matter have an equal ratio of text to images which I also find visually pleasing. It provided lots of interesting facts on why particular fonts evoke particular feelings or responses and its not just informative but fun too.

Moving on to the main task of the lesson and Michelle gave us some handouts with different ways of creating a book and folding and cutting the pages to make it a more enjoyable and interactive experience with the audience which we could possibly use when creating our own portfolio/book for this brief. We had lots of paper, a scalpel and a bone folder and got to work.

One cut book

Accordion book

90-degree pop-up
Lastly, we watched this tutorial on how to make a sketchbook using the stitch binding method.

How to make a sketchbook tutorial-stitch bookbinding

The video was to get us ready for our lesson next week where we will be making our own books using Japanese stab binding.


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