Unit Editions

Unit Editions is an independent publishing venture, producing books for an international audience of designers, design students and followers of visual culture. The company was formed in 2010 by Tony Brook, Patricia Finegan and Adrian Shaughnessy. High quality design and production standards are partnered with insightful texts and informative commentaries to produce books on a wide variety of subjects – subject that are either neglected or ignored by mainstream publishers. Unit Editions books are only available through this website and a handful of specialist shops.”-http://www.uniteditions.com

This week we was asked to firstly research Unit Editions and watch the video below where Tony Brook and Adrian Shaughnessy give a talk at Offset 2010 about how they set Unit Editions up and how they made it succeed. After familiarising myself with Unit Edition Ricardo asked for us to write a reflection on them and their catalogue of work in 140 characters or more.

 I went to their website to see their work and expected just books but saw t-shirts, tote bags, posters and some cool pin badges too along with a variety of appealing books which was a nice surprise. Their products are clearly created for the design savvy and are all unique and beautiful in their own way. Unit Editions boldly say they publish books on “subjects that are either neglected or ignored by mainstream publishers” because of this and as they are only available on their site and in a few specialist shops with limited copies printed they feel special and more than just a book. I really like that Unit Edition produce books on a wide variety of subjects that are ignored by other publishers, its a strong aspect of their brand/ethos.

Below is three of my favourite book designs published by Unit Edition that are available on their site.

Title: Spin: 360° Concept: Tony Brook Design: Spin
Action Time Vision-limited edition screen printed poster
Title: Lance Wyman: The Monograph [unit 20] Author: Adrian Shaughnessy Design: Spin

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