Central Illustration Agency

“Once upon a time there was an illustrator. Somebody started to take out his folio and seven other illustrators thought they’d like that somebody to take out their folios too. Eight illustrators became eighty illustrators, the somebody became several people, the whole lot became the central illustration agency.”-Central Illustration agency 

This week we focused on the art of illustrations and how we could use illustrations to add depth and meaning to our book/portfolio covers. fittingly we was asked for the thought of the week to reflect on Central Illustration Agency and their selection of illustrators.

Central Illustration Agency is one of the world’s leading resources for the very best in contemporary commercial art, representing a strikingly diverse group of illustrators and designers from all over the world. I went straight to the Central Illustration Agency website to explore the wide range of illustrators work that they represent. All the illustrators I saw are extremely talented and no two are the same although I must say the majority of the illustrators/illustrations are not really my style but I can still appreciate their work and talent plus considering I am a graphic design student I dont really have a clue how much time or effort goes into their creations.

Here are two of my favourite illustrators I found that are represented by Central Illustration Agency.

Lou Beach
Illustration by Lou Beach
Illustration by Lou Beach
Illustration by Lou Beach

I picked Lou firstly because I love his use of collaging, its a really strong aspect of his work which I personally love and his work is quite strange and surrealist which I find appealing. Lou has had a rich career making memorable illustrations for 12″ records, magazines and newspapers and is considered by many as one of the greatest living collagists.

Carol Lawson
Illustration by Carol Lawson
Illustration by Carol Lawson
Illustration by Carol Lawson

My second favourite illustrator I found that is represented by Central Illustration Agency is Carol Lawson. She writes and illustrates her own books and her painting style also graces international advertising and packaging projects. I love the vintage and magical style/feel of her illustrations and its no surprise she has illustrated magical texts such as the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen.

Im not confident with creating illustrations so Im unsure still if I will include any elements of illustrations on my portfolio/book cover or elsewhere but I do think that they can add a great elements to a cover and if I felt I could create a good enough illustration for my cover I most definitely would!


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