Deconstructing design-01/03/2017

The first half of our lesson this week was spent with Ricardo in the computer room. The aim was to familiarise ourselves and learn some more on how to correctly created layouts in InDesign for our collection portfolio/books. We looked at creating paragraph styles, indents, and generally looking more in depth into text layout. The rest of the time was spent watching this helpful tutorial– InDesign: Elements of a Layout. I didn’t have time in the lesson to complete the whole tutorial but here is my layout from as far as I got.

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 11

The second half of the lesson was spent back in the studio where we was asked to go to Before the lesson we was told to bring in pencils, pens, paint and more and it soon became evident why. Once on the website we had to pick a cover to basically recreate. I picked the cover for the book Area X by Jeff VanderMeer, designed by Rodrigo Corral. Its a pretty simple design, I just used red paper and green and black pens to recreate it but I like how it turned out.


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