Cover designs-anthology redesign

For the development of the cover we tried to formulate a design that could work with screen print as our aim was to hand produce all 300 covers. We sent lots of designs and sketches between each other in the group but never came up with ‘the one’ which I am sure we would have if we spent more time on it.

We started from the idea of an ink spill effect that we liked. The idea was to screen print them all mixing 2 colours, so each copy of the anthology would have a different texture. Here are three quick cover designs I made stemming from that first idea we had-

cover 1

cover 2

cover 3

Working on the cover the day before our pitch was stressful and we changed our route of the cover in quite a panic. Ee had previously sent us some cover designs and there was one in particular we liked and decided to work from that you can see below.

2017-03-11 (6)

From that we spent hours crowded in front of a mac and voila here was our final cover design.

2017-03-11 (4)







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