Creating our mock up, group pitches & results-7/2/17

The day before our pitch Hannah, Maria, Ee and I got together to finish off the printing of the anthology and binding it ready for the presentation. Lots of things went wrong and it was definitely a learning curve but we did it and we had something to show the client which was the main point.

The pitch to the client went pretty well. I talked through design research and typography, Hannah discussed our research progression, Ee spoke about the cover design and Maria explained her illustrations. Every group in our studio had great ideas and I had no idea which groups proposal was gonna get picked but I was excited to find out.

The results

The results were in and it was an interesting/cool decision. Basically, our team and team 4 will be collaborating our designs for the making of the anthology. So, our page designs, book size, layouts will be used along with our idea of the 6 illustrations but the cover of the anthology will be one of team 4’s design and it will be perfect bound. Im really excited to get started and happy elements from our redesign were chosen. We have also been given the chance to pitch our own illustration for the book instead of using all of Maria’s illustrations which I think is a really good idea to get a variety of styles.


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