Inspiration & first ideas-anthology redesign

For the first couple of lessons spent working on our teams anthology redesign just me and Hannah were in class so it was a bit harder to get the ball rolling on ideas that everyone in our team would like and be happy with but we did come up with a few ideas to discuss with the rest of our team members when they got back which we both loved and felt were a great starting point to work from.

Three ideas

Create a zine-like staple bound book for each of the six modules held together with either a bulldog clip or a belly-band.


Have the one main anthology book and then take out the appendix and bibliography of texts that have them and place them in a separate cheaper separate document such as a zine or a stapled booklet.


One book but with colourful inserts for the appendix and bibliographiesswitching up paper and typography of the inserts as we go along to bring life to the most boring aspect of the book.


When the rest of our team were in and we shared our ideas they had doubts about straying from a classic literacy style book and creating what we proposed within the £500 budget so we went back to basics and decided to keep it as just one book and really focus on what we can do in terms of its design to bring it to life within the small budget.



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