Cover designs, binding & book size ideas-anthology redesign

Back to the beginning and as we have decided to stick with designing just the one book we started to think about our cover and the general vibe and aesthetic we wanted the design of the anthology to have.

Cover ideas

Rather than a zine-y feeling book we started to move towards a more classic and simple design as it would be more fitting to the content of the anthology. We looked at excising covers as a group that we all like for inspiration that play around with typography and white space.


We agreed as a group that we wanted the inside design and layout of the anthology to be classic and timeless as it is a literacy book so we dont want to take away or distract from the writing itself so simple and classic is best. On the other hand, we felt we could create a more modern cover to have a nice contrast between the outside and the inside.

We found this covers that has an ink spill design which we all loved and felt it could work well with the anthology as ink is relevant to the content being writing. This was the favourite idea for the cover and we thought we could either use real ink or create a similar effect by screenprinting.



For the binding we was torn between perfect binding and screw binding. The perfect bind is a more classic option but is standard and not very exciting plus we loved the idea of contrasting the elegant ink spill cover with the industrial feeling that screw binding would give.

Book size

We wanted the anthology to be a comfortable size in the hands but didn’t want it to be a standard size. In our studio we have this book ‘The Happy Hypocrite‘ which we all loved because of its size. We measured it and its 16.5cm by 21cm which is just a bit wider than a standard a5 but still comfortable and we agreed this would be the size for our anthology redesign proposal.



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