Page design research & layouts-anthology redesign

The layout design we create for our anthology proposal is really important as it can completely change the whole feeling of a book. We all agreed we dont want anything too confusing or dramatic, we just wanted a simple and classic layout as well as type to go with it.  We all found examples of page designs/layouts online that we liked and shared within our group to get some ideas going.

Here are the two favourite examples of page designs/layouts that we found-

Our anthology design is gonna be separated by each module and we wanted to signify the beginning of a new module somehow so we started thinking how we could do this. We knew of course we needed the title of each module on the page but we liked the design above which incorporates an illustration on the page and decided we wanted to do this for the anthology. The simplicity and white space seen on the layout to the right was really appealing and the text not being centred I also liked.

Hannah and I set ourselves a task of creating five different layouts over a weekend so that when we came to lesson we could start sharing our designs and see as a group what we think will work or not.

Here are my five layouts I created-

layout 1 anthology garamond

layout 2 anthology bodoni

layout 3 anthology2 bell

layout 4 anthology gills sans2

layout 5 anthology garamond2




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