Typography, final layout & illustrations-anthology redesign

For our final anthology layout proposal we picked two types to work with. Our first pick was Garamond for the body copy. Although Garamond isn’t a British type it is very classic and elegant which is what we wanted. It is also clear and easy on the eye to read which is essential. For the headings/titles we picked Gill Sans. Its also a classic but more modern than Garamond and is a sans serif which works best for titles. They both work very well together.

We stuck with the idea of having an illustration for each module and Maria created 6 beautiful illustrations relevant to a text/texts within that module as you can see below.


Here is our final layout for the body copy below.


2017-03-11 (3)

The body copy is 9pt and the title/headings are 12pt. We kept the commentaries with the texts as they are important but when it came to the appendix and bibliographies we decided they would be best taken out and put online as a lot of them have website links that are long and messy plus it will also mean less paper used so saves some money.


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