I had not created a collage before and I had lots of ideas but you never know how something is gonna turn out till you try it so that is what I did. I just started to play around with different ways in which you can place seemingly irrelevant images together and make them work and look good. My process was thinking “okay so she talks about awkwardness between her and her mother so lets go to the library and try to find a picture of an elephant to represent the elephant in the room!” sometimes this technique paid off but a lot of the times it did not.

Most of the collages I made at the beginning are pretty rubbish cause I just tried to force images together that did not work and plop them anywhere or where they looked okay to me at least. Here are the collages that I made before I started to get a clear idea of the collage designs I would create for my final piece. The collage ideas started to improve when I kept it simple and found one or two great images from books in the library that were relevant and that I could work around and build.

random collage 3


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