New and improved posterzine box

After getting my feedback from Angharad and Alistair for the first posterzine box I made I decided to make a new one. The main problem with the first box I made for impression studios posterzine was that it was not successful in terms of functionality. The box was shaped as a heart to match my own posterzines aesthetic and it was because of this awkward shape that the posterzines could not lay down flat and instead had to awkwardly be put on their side which made them bend slightly. This of course was a problem. The second issue was that I had decorated the box by using different versions of my posterzine I had made cut up into triangles then glued and layered on top of each other. Angharad and Alistair liked this technique I used and the effect it gave but the problem was that the box was for everyone in Impression studios posterzine and the box looked like it should just be for mine.

First version of my posterzine box

So, to create the new box I decided to ditch the heart shape and went with the shape of a book as we are a publishing studio it felt much more fitting. All of the members of impression studios posterzines now fit comfortably inside the box with spare room unlike before.

Inside of box before decoration

In terms of decorating the box I decided that I wanted to stick with the same technique as before by cutting and gluing the triangular pieces of paper and layering them one by one but instead of using my own posterzine I decided to create something more fitting to represent our studio and everyone in it.

Cut up triangle paper pieces

I repeated ‘Impression studio Publishing Unbound‘ on one page in Photoshop and then I listed everyone in Impression studios names on another. I decided to print this on two shades of pink and white as although this is a box for every ones posterzines I still wanted it to connect to my own posterzine in some way and felt sticking to the same colour pallet was a good way of doing so. I also added some plain black triangles in a thick card to add a different texture and element to the box. I cut the pieces of paper into different sized and shaped triangles and glued them down onto the box one by one layering them and made sure every bit of the box is covered.

The finished box for Impression studios posterzine collection

For the final touch I printed out our studio logo onto some sticker paper, cut it out and added it onto the spine of the book shaped box so if placed on a book shelf it can be seen.

Posterzine box on a bookshelf



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