Improving our logo & Social media header designs

The new brief ‘Kickstarter‘ began and Finn, Jubedha and I got back into our group that we created for the Market ready brief last year called Mashup. We looked over the brief together and figured out who would be doing what in the group. One of my jobs for this brief is to work on the brand development which includes improving our logo for Mashup.

Old version of our logo used for market ready brief
Old version of the Mashup logo-used for market ready brief

We wanted to re-brand since the market ready brief and decided to change our colour palette used in our logo/branding as before we used very bright and bold colours such as red, bright yellow and turquoise, on reflection it didn’t work that well it was too harsh so instead we decided to work with pastel colours as they’re more soft, inviting and appealing.

colours for mu logo
Pastel colours I picked for our re-brand

We still liked the old logo except from the colours and type used so this is what I focused on to change.

mashup new logo NO TYPE

yellow colour swatch
Softer yellow used for the lightning bolt

I started in Photoshop creating the same logo as before but this time using the pastel colours and made the lightning bolt bigger as it looked a lot better. Now that I had the logomark completed I was ready to try out different typefaces for the logotype. I went to and started searching for typefaces that I felt could work with the logomark as well as the new softer direction we was going with with the Mashup brand.

Above are the typefaces I tried and felt could work but then I ultimately found a typeface called ‘Sweet Sensation‘ which I really liked and felt worked perfectly with our brand/logomark.

Final logotype and logomark combined

I tried the finished logo with all the chosen pastel colours as well so we have the different options and can switch up the logo colours if we want to.

Now the logo was completed I moved onto the social media aspect of our brand and created some header design options for both our Twitter and Facebook page.

2017-05-08 (4)

The first header I made above is for twitter. I kept to our pastel colour palette and focused on the lightning bolt part of over logomark for the design and added our other social media handles as well as our kickstarter page title for promotion.

mashup facebook header

I liked this lightning bolt pattern a lot especially as it can work with any of the pastel colours we have for our brand as you can see below.

mashup facebook header3

mashup facebook header 2

mashup facebook header 4

Above are two patterns I made for the header designs for our Facebook page. I kept to our colour palette still and the main focus for the header is promoting our other social media pages and especially our kickstarter page.

twitter header pattern

Sticking with patterns still I made another pattern for our Twitter header that you can see above which I really like and think works well for our new brand direction.


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