Kickstarter research

Part of what will make our own kickstarter campaign as great as it can be is looking at existing and previous Kickstarter campaigns that have been successful and seeing what they have done that has made their campaign work well and how we could possible apply it to our own.

Our group (Mashup) is all about combining pop culture and humour and we plan to make posters, post cards, tote bags and cards. The main theme involving pop culture is music, so all the designs will relate to music/musicians and have a hint of humour. We plan to print everything either by risograph or screen printing.

I went to the Kickstarter page to find campaigns that related to our own in any way and could not find any which I guess is good as it means our project is unique! So, instead I decided to look at any campaign that looked successful and investigate what they were doing to make it so.

The campaign that inspired me most was by ‘Drumistic‘. They have made drum sticks where you do not need a set of actual drums so any object can be used as a drum, they also created an app so you can record what you create. The first thing that impressed me was their video. Its really simple, tells you everything you need to know and shows the item being used. They explain how the money will be used and really make you want to get involved with their project.

2017-05-09 (4)
Drumistic campaign video

Not only is their video excellent but they also have great photography, graphics and even gifs. They have a step by step illustration on how the product works as well as the rewards anyone who backs the project will receive.

As well as a timeline of whats happening when involving the project.

2017-05-09 (5)If I have learnt anything from the drumistic campaign is that you have to share all the information you have, let people know what they are gonna get, when and let the people know why its so amazing and why they should get involved.



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