Peter Kennard, Hannah Höch & Dada collages

I spoke to Angharad about the themes in my individual response text Lost In Translation and my idea of creating a collage/collages as the final piece and she to research the artists Peter Kennard and Hannah Höch.

Peter Kennard

Peter was born in 1949 and is a London based Photo-montage artist. Seeking to reflect his involvement in the anti-Vietnam war movement, he turned from paintings to photo-montage to better address his political. There are references to war and weapons in Lost In Translation so Peters work inspired me as to how I could show these negative aspects of the text.

Hannah Höch

Hannah Höch was a German Dada artist. Hannah was a pioneer of the art form that became known as photo-montage. Many of her pieces critiqued the mass culture beauty industry at the time. I particularly liked Hannah Höch’s work as they are quite strangeshe combines different medias and I love her incorporation of type in the collages.

Dada Collages

Once seeing Hannah Höch’s collage work and her involvement in the Dada art movement I wanted to see/find other collages made during this movement to inspire me before I started creating my own collages as well as learn the techniques that the artists used during this time to create their work.

Dada or Dadaism was an art movement formed during the first world war in Zurich. The dadaists found their ideal means of expression in the collage and all explored its possibilities. The Dadaists pasted paper, fabric and other two dimensional material to their work, breaking down the barrier between art and everyday life. The Dadaists abandoned the pretence of still life or other identifiable subject matter in favour of abstract collages, and they cast their net wider for their source materials. The collages of Kurt Schwitters for example, included such items as transportation tickets, calender’s, candy wrappers, lace, printed pamphlets and other disposable items collected in the course of the artists daily life. Here is some of my favourite collages from the Dada art movement below.

Untitled. Hannah Höch. 1940.
En Morn. Kurt Schwitters. 1947.
Tattin at Home. Raoul Hausmann. 1920.
Tableau Rastadada. Francis Picabia. 1920.

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