Pastiche 1560-Final video

My final Pastiche 1560 video for David Shrigley and no surprise to me it was made by stop motion. The main focus for me while creating this video was just to improve on the last stop motion video I made and learn from the mistakes I made there. I tried my best to keep the images in focus and make the lightening the same throughout which was harder than I thought but I think it worked well. I moved the pieces of paper with my illustrations on them around the screen in a more interesting way then the last video and I actually like how it turned out. I think I was successful in that my drawings do look in the style of David’s and I wanted the viewers to get a sense of David’s life and what he does plus promote him at the end by sharing his social media handles and his website and I did that so I guess mission accomplished! I edited it in Premiere Pro in particular I sped it up, added music and made the music fade towards the end of the video. Once completed I uploaded it to YouTube, Vimeo and my Instagram page.

2017-05-08 (1)


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