David Shrigley-his style

Ive researched David’s life and generally got the gist of who he is and what he does but I wanted to look further into his style and what he himself thinks of his work as well as others. It will be easier to essentially copy his work if I fully understand what it is.

“The Glasgow-based artist’s style is starkly surreal, burnt black in humour, simple to the point of confusion.”-The Guardian

“I make work that is image and text, it doesn’t really need any explanation”-David Shrigley

“Shrigley’s work is very wrong and very bad in all sorts of ways. It is also ubiquitous and compelling.”-art critic Adrian Searle

“His quick-witted drawings and hand-rendered texts are typically deadpan in their humour and reveal chance utterings like snippets of over-heard conversations.”-Stephen Friedman Gallery

“Shrigley’s drawings give the impression of being quick, surreal doodles, the result of the first crazy thought that came into his head – like the mad mutterings of that old guy shuffling past you in the street.”-Tate Gallery

“I’m not really interested in making people laugh that much; I just want to engage people and tell them something different.”-David Shrigley



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