CORE LESSON-Critical & Design Thinking-10/10/17

“The purpose of thinking is not to
be right but to be effective”

Edward De Bono

We had our first core lesson with Ricardo on Wednesday and the theme was critical and design thinking. It was a great lesson as before entering the room I did not know the meaning or difference between the two so I learnt a lot through Ricardo’s presentation and the conversations/questions between him and my fellow classmates. One of the questions that Ricardo asked us which made me think the most was if any of us have our way of working when we get a new brief. I have kinda got into a routine with my creative process which is not working too well as I seem to skip the developing stage and go back to experimenting near the end when really I should be doing it at the beginning. Another point that came up which I do is if I think a piece of my work is ugly or will make my sketchbook look bad i’ll just throw it away which as Ricardo said you need to show everything no matter how bad you think it is. It was also my first time being introduced to the ‘Double Diamond Process‘ which is modes of thinking that we as designers can/should take designed by the Design Council.

Double Diamond Process

We also did some short tasks during the day that tested our critical/design thinking. My favourite was probably the first task where we were challenged with drawing nine dots like shown below and linking them using only four continuous straight lines. It showed me I definitely wasn’t thinking outside the box and was stuck on limitations that did not exist.



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