Work Generation Workshop-14/11/17

The second half of our lesson today with Emily was spent doing a workshop on work generation were we focused on creating a collage using mixed media and image. The workshop aims were to develop and practice skills relating to the use and application of collage as a method to create and develop much more imagery in response to provided texts.

Emily suggested we focus on one of our themes and what the narrative of that theme is that we are trying to communicate. I picked the theme ‘people and culture‘ where I want to show how Chinese and British coexist and contrast in Chinatown. I scanned lots of illustrations and photographs from my sketchbook to use in my collage and Emily brought us lots of supplies to use such as ink and oil pastels.

I decided to use the oil pastels to create a blue and red (representing the British flag) pattern background for me to build my collage on. The next step was going through my scans and ripping/cutting the pieces I liked and wanted to use.

After lots of tearing and gluing this was the final result. Everything used was scans from my sketchbook except the typography where I decided to write Chinatown in both English and Mandarin to represent the different cultures.

Finished Collage


Emily then showed me how if you take a piece of paper and cut a square (or any shape really) and place it over an area of the collage so you focus on that solely it can create a piece of work in itself. I did this as you can see below and I actually loved the results of some of them, a lot more than the whole collage itself.

As I liked the results of this so much I decided to take them into Photoshop when I got home to play around and see if I was going to create a final piece or at least a more developed image out of these photographs what it would look like. Here is how that turned out.

Version One

china town squares

Version Two

china town squares together

I really like the result, especially the second version where the individual sections are placed together to create one big mix of them all. Im really happy Emily introduced me to this method and there is a lot more I can experiment and develop with this piece so its possible I could use it for my people and culture theme final piece.


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